British Travelers Face Hours Long Waiting Times in EU Airports

Due to the new security check procedures, travelers from the United Kingdom who want to head off to Europe have to deal with waiting times of up to four hours at airports, which are longer than a big part of the flights.

The travelers have been warned that the chaos in the airports will spread out due to the fact that a tougher regime will be rolled out to many of the European airports. The chaos is also affecting some of the most popular destinations for the summer holiday such as Majorca.

The security checks that have been introduced after the terrorist attacks which took place in Paris and Brussels affect tourists who enter the Schengen Area, where the borders between the countries are always open.

Security checks and incidents involving travelers in EU airports

Travelers’ details are checked at the moment of the arrival in order to see if the person in question is found in the EU and Interpol criminal database. The same procedure is carried out when the traveler goes back home. The delays that came up have been complicated at the El Prat airport in Barcelona with the security staff spending ten minutes to deal with each traveler as a form of protest against overwork.

Outbound flights are being missed by up to 50 people. Other situations affected travelers in Palma, Mallorca where British citizens have fainted in queues stretching all the way back to the airport’s travelators due to overheating.

Nicky Gillon, a British traveler, said: “people were collapsing, there was no air conditioning in the tunnel”.

While in the Lyon airport in France, Simon Moore posted on his social media account: “They’ll probably find our bodies in 20 years and say ‘the Brits did love queuing’”.

Madrid Barajas, Amsterdam Schipol, Paris Orly, Brussels and Milan airports are also badly affected by the security checks, while the airports in Greece, Denmark and Austria should adopt the new rules in the upcoming weeks.

The ‘price of security’ paid by travelers

On the 1st of August, the European Commission insisted that the delays represent the “price of security” which has to be paid after the terrorist attacks.

Worries have been expressed after it was found out that one of the gangs involved in the attacks in Paris in November 2015 was let into Greece. It was reported that before going to Greece, the gang travelled unhindered across the rest of the Schengen Area to France.

Spokeswoman Mina Andreva declared: “We understand there are concerns about EU rules leading to longer waiting periods, but this is about the security of our citizens. We cannot have, on the one hand, a request to have more checks and controls, and at the same time have complaints about longer waiting periods”.

Passengers who fly between the 26 nations in the Schengen Area have the possibility to sail past the queues and certain online observers think that the waiting time for British travelers will increase after the UK will leave the European Union.

Clay Harris posted on his Twitter account: “Easy solution to these queues. Let’s cancel Brexit and join Schengen”.

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