EU Romania Investor Visa

This type of visa is granted, on the grounds of the prior endorsement of the Romanian Center for the Promotion of Foreign Investments, to third-country nationals who are or will become shareholders or associates, in management and administration positions, within companies which have legal personality in Romania.

Due to the difference in cost of living, it's currently more affordable to invest in Romania than elsewhere in the EU, but with the prospect of rising prosperity due to EU funding, there is a good chance that the value of the investment will grow in the future.

The Romanian Investor Visa provides a method of obtaining residency to all foreign nationals who invest the minimum amount of Euro 100.000 in Romania in a business that will create at least 10 permanent jobs for a period of minimum 5 years.


Bring your Family and live in the EU - you can bring your family to Romania with you, including your Spouse and any children under 18.

After 5 years you, your partner and any children of yours under the age of 18 can apply for Romanian citizenship. Run your own business - With the right idea and support, your business can grow fast. We can help you to get started.

EMP and its associates in Romania, have projects waiting for investors and offer the possibility of investing minimum Euro 120,000 plus legal fees or $160,000 plus legal fees in a project that is approved by government and qualifies for the Investor Visa program, so that everything will be much easier for you.

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