Italy Investor Visa

Even if they don`t have a special program for investors, you can obtain the residency easier if you buy a property in this country.

Italian Law does not set forth any scheme similar to an Investor Program, as disciplined - with substantially consistent features - in other jurisdictions.

As a matter of fact, the capacity or the intention to make business investments does not qualify, per se, an individual to apply for a specific visa: rather, a given financial capacity is considered as a pre requirement to apply for almost all kinds of visas.

Two types of visas might be considered relatively “close” to the scheme at stake: (a) elective residence visa; (b) self-employment visa.

The elective residence visa  can be applied for by any foreign individual (non-EU citizen) who has sufficient means to stay in Italy without the need to carry out any working activity.

Evidence of the sufficient means must be given by providing appropriate documentation concerning (jointly):

-the availability of a dwelling-place in Italy, wherein residence can be elected;
-the availability of autonomous and conspicuous financial means arising from:
        a) annuities or pensions; and/or
        b) ownership of real estates; and/or
        c) ownership of commercial of financial businesses; and/or
        d) other means different from those arising from subordinated work activities;
-guarantees of the continuing availability of the above means in the future.

As an average, the elective residence visa has an initial duration of two years, and can be renewed each time for a similar duration. After holding this visa for 5 years (like all other types of long-term visas), the applicant can obtain a “permit of stay for long term foreign residents”, which is released for an open ended duration.

Spouse and/or children minor of age (or of age, provided in such case they live with the applicant and are still dependants on this latter) and/or parents of the applicant (provided they live with the applicant) can apply for a similar visa, in order to accompany or join the applicant, provided that the above listed means are sufficient also for all additional family members.

As mentioned above, the holder of this kind of visa is not bound to carry out any specific business investment while in Italy.

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