Spain Investor Visa

Spain has introduced legislation that awards a residency visa for any international investor spending €500,000 or more on a property or portfolio of properties in Spain.
The visa legislation has now been passed by the Spanish parliament. We will be publishing information here which we hope will be helpful for those considering residency in Spain.
This visa grants residency in Spain, can be renewed until five years until it then becomes permanent at which point citizenship and a Spanish passport can be applied for.

Spain region guide

We have published information on key regions in Spain where we offer property above €500,000 that will qualify buyers for the investor visa and residency. They are listed in our left hand menu or visit our brief overview of Spanish regions for residency. Each region has its own merits and will suit differing investors based on their personal circumstances. But this is just an overview and for such an important decision we advise a more in depth discussion and analysis with one of our experts. With over eight years experience selling to the international market we have a wealth of knowledge and experience of Spain and we have staff that can best advise you. So please feel free to contact us regarding your own personal circumstances and objectives

Key points for spanish investment visa

  1. Minimimum investment of €500,000
  2. Investment can be in several properties
  3. Spanish residency visa granted to immediate family members(spouse and children up to 18 years)
  4. No minimum stay requirement to renew visa (ie optional to live in Spain)
  5. Renewable for first five years
  6. No minimum stay means no necessity to be tax resident
  7. Permanent residency can be applied for after five years
  8. Property investment can be sold once permanent residency obtained
  9. Visa allows unlimited travel throughout EU Schengen visa zone
  10. Application takes a maximum 20 days
  11. Investment must be made before application
  12. Positive acceptance (usually only a criminal record will prevent acceptance)
  13. Citizenship in Spain can be granted after five further years permanent residency
  14. With Spanish citizenship comes automatic EU citizenship.
  15. At that point (10 years) family can live, work and study anywhere within Europe.
  16. Add tax and stamp duty in Spain to any property purchase. Typically an additional 10%.
These are key points and not a full legal guide to the investor visa. Each applicant should seek comprehensive advice on their personal circumstances through ourselves and our affiliated lawyers.
Please contact us for further details.

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