Thailand Investor Visa

Even if they don`t have a special program for investors, you can obtain the residency easier if you buy a property in this country.

In less than thirty years, Thailand has been transformed from a subsistence-level agrarian society into a rapidly industrializing free-market country with sustained rapid growth and impressive poverty reduction. Despite undergoing the Asian financial crisis in 1995, Thai economy was managed to take off again. Recently, Thailand experienced GDP growth by 7.8% in 2010.

An astonishing variety of restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs caters to every imaginable taste in entertainment. Whether your idea of fun is quaffing a 25-cent afternoon beer in a downtown go-go bar or a pampered retreat of yoga, massage, and meditation, a five-star meal prepared by a top European chef or a street-level exploration of the infinite variety of Thai cuisine, the Pattaya/Jomtien area will satisfy your appetites.

Who is eligible to apply for permanent residence?

1.    A foreign national qualifies to apply for a residence permit if he or she has been legally in the Kingdom for a total of at least 3 years up until the date of application.

2.    A foreigner whose purpose of stay in Thailand is for business or employment, investment, or academic purposes; supporting a family member who is a Thai citizen; being a dependent of a husband or father who is a Thai citizen; being accompanied a husband, father, or son/daughter who already has a residence permit; and retirement (aged at least 60 years of age with a net monthly income of no less than 30,000 baht)

3.    Foreign investors who invest in a private/public company, purchase a condominium, buy government bonds or state enterprise bonds, make a deposit in one or more Thai banks, and who make other investments in accordance with the Immigration Commission's specifications and worth at least 10 million baht.

4.    Foreign Investors who make direct investments (over 10 million baht) or indirect investment (e.g. government bonds, State Enterprise bonds, condominiums) in the amount of 8 million baht for the investor, 6 million baht for a spouse and 2 million baht per unmarried child under the age of 20.

5.    Foreign Experts who have an annual income of at least 40,000 Thai Baht.

6.    Thai Nationals who have changed their citizenship.

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