USA Investor Visa

Minimum amount of $500,000 in the United States in a business that will create at least 10 permanent jobs for a period of only 5 years.

UK Investor Visa

The applicant must have Pounds 200,000 available to invest and to create minimum 2 jobs.

EU Romania Investor Visa

Minimum amount of Euro 100000 invested in a Romanian company that will create at least 10 permanent jobs for a period of minimum 5 years.

Portugal Investor Visa

The investor must have: Either transfer at least €1 million of capital, or Purchase property worth at least €500,000, or Create at least 30 jobs

Spain Investor Visa

Spain has introduced legislation that awards a residency visa for any international investor spending €500,000 or more on a property or portfolio of properties in Spain.

Thailand Investor Visa

Foreign investors who invest in a private/public company, purchase a condominium, buy government bonds or state enterprise bonds and worth at least 10 million baht (€226,760).

Turkey Investor Visa

Even if they don`t have a special program for investors, you can obtain the residency easier if you buy a property in this country, minimum Euro 125,000.

Cyprus Investor Visa

People who invest 170,000 EUR into Cyprus Company will get temporary residence permit which will become permanent residence after 5 years of residence.

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