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Passport Applications Before Price Increase

Starting March 27th, the cost to apply for a British passport will be increased. The action will be made as an effort to encourage applicants to go online. This way, less applicants will be using the labour-intensive postal service. From the end of the month, standard fees for passport applications will increase by A?12.50 by post and A?3 online. The increases will apply to both new passport applications and renewals.

Ai??The cost for an adult passport will go from A?72.50 to A?75.50/A?85 (online/post). At the same time, the cost for a child passport will hike from A?46 to A?49/A?58.50. Another increase affects the cost of the premium one-day service. Thus, the price will go from A?128 to A?177. The fast-track one-week service will go from A?103 to A?142 for adults. Meanwhile, the Post Officeai??i??s Check and Send service will stay the same but does not apply to online passport applications. The cost for the service is A?9.75.

Submitting passport applications in time

In case a passport is due to expire within the next nine months, the holder can renew it. The remaining time will be added to the new passport. This will give it a maximum validity of 10 years and nine months. A new passport will be required in case a holder will change his or her name. Such a situation can appear when a holder gets married or divorced. Gender or appearance change also requires a new passport. These situations appear when a passport holder undergoes plastic surgery, for example.

Name changes can invalidate unexpired visas. To make sure that a visa is still valid, a holder has to check it with the relevant countryai??i??s embassy. Holders can apply for a new passport up to three months before a marriage or civil partnership.

Easy way to submit passport applications

Instead of using third-party websites, applicants must make sure that they apply online using the official government website. Third-party websites could charge an additional fee.

It is claimed that submitting official online passport applications takes only 10 minutes for each application. Applicants are able to upload photos that meet requirements from their smartphones. All official requirements are listed on the governmentai??i??s official website.

Reportedly, it takes about three weeks to process online passport applications. Applicants are advised to leave plenty of time, especially during the peak spring/summer period. First passports can take even longer, about six weeks, but sometimes even more. This is because they require countersignatory checks. If applicants need help, they can dial 0330 330 0901 (UK). Also, applicants are required to post their old passports back.

Passport applications for current and new British passports

Current UK passport have burgundy covers. However, they will be phased out and turn blue six months after Brexit. This will not invalidate the current, EU-emblazoned passports. The burgundy passports will still be available until they reach the expiration date.

Passports have to be valid only for the duration of a holderai??i??s trip within the EU, until Brexit. A lot of countries outside Europe require up to six monthsai??i?? passport validity.

Passport applications for two passports

Holding two passports is legal, as long as holders have a valid reason. As an example, frequent travellers might need to send a passport off for a visa application and still need one for travel. Also, certain countries donai??i??t accept passports that have stamps deemed to be from ai???hostileai??? nations. The fees are the same as for a first passport.

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