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Popular visas in the UAE

There 2 main reasons for which people go to foreign countries. They either want to travel and visit or settle there to work. However, many countries require foreigners to obtain a visa in order to offer them access.

For those wanting to travel to the UAE, there are several visas available to suit the travel plans. There many kinds of visas issued by the authorities in the UAE, but some of them are very popular amongst expats and tourists.

Tourist visa

Due to the high number of tourists visiting the UAE every year, the authorities require them to obtain a tourist visa. Basically, a tourist visa is used by travelers who come to the country for tourism purposes. Such a visa allows the holder to stay in the UAE for a period of 30 days. In order obtain a tourist visa, the applicant must have sponsorship from a UAE airline, hotel and tour operators. All UAE airlines offer visa services, but the applicant must fly with it. Besides airlines, a tourist can obtain a visa from travel agents and hotels as they also have the authority to arrange a tourist visa for potential visitors.

Visit visa

To obtain a visit visa, applicants must have a friend or relative residing in the UAE. These acquaintances must sponsor the applicant’s UAE visit visa. They can submit the visa applications at any GDRFA office across the UAE. The process is carried out fast and it only takes a few days. After the authorities issue the visa, the sponsor must send the applicant a copy of the permit via fax or email. The applicant should then submit the original permit to the airport. When arriving at the airport, the applicant can collect it from there. It is mandatory that the applicant receives a copy of the entry permit before leaving the country and heading to the UAE.

Transit visa

The transit visa is required when someone heads to a certain country, but has a connecting flight with a lengthy stopover. For those that are just passing by, airlines in the UAE also issue transit visas. These visas are valid for those who must go through stopovers that exceed 8 hours. Passengers who hold transit visas are required to leave the country within 96 hours from their arrival. In case a traveler has a shorter transit time, then he or she must not worry. Recently, Dubai Airports proposed that transit passengers will soon be able to experience the city as part of the Dubai 10X initiative.

 Employment visa

Another popular visa issued by the UAE authorities is the employment visa. It also known as a work permit and it is issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. This visa is valid for 2 months from the date it was issued. It is needed when someone comes to the UAE and is looking to work here. After a measure adopted in late February, residents who are changing jobs in the UAE will no longer need a good conduct certificate for the visa if they are in the country.

Residence visa

After securing an employment visa, holders must obtain a residence visa. A residence visa is often considered as an evolution of the latter. Applicants must to go through a medical test and apply for an Emirates ID in order to secure the residence visa. Under the UAE Resident Identity Card, the holder is identified as a valid resident of the United Arab Emirates. As soon as the entire process is complete and all documents have been legally obtained, holders can start sponsoring their family members. The law will also allow them to bring their families into the UAE.

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