Suitability Questionnaire

Our Services

  1. EB5 Service:
    • a. Initial suitability assessment.
    • b. Introduction to US Regional Centres.
    • c. Application Tracking
  2. UK/ Romania Service:
    • a. Initial Suitability Assessment.
    • b. Complete Visa application.
    • c. Business Plan Preparation.
    • d. Application Tracking.
    • e. Invest your funds into appropriate qualifying managed company.
  3. Additional Services

  4. Property:
    • - We help you find property to buy or rent for your main residence.
    • - We will provide you with a list, and arrange viewings.
  5. Education:
    • - Once you know where you will live, we will help you find the right school/university for your children.
    • - We will help you open a bank account.

For more information, please contact us.