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UAE Work Visa Has a New Requirement

Authorities in the UAE have released a new requirement for the work visa. People who want to work in the UAE will now have to obtain a Certificate of Good Conduct.

People wanting to move to Dubai for work starting February will have to bring an additional document to work legally. The new document is a Certificate of Good Conduct. It is a police verification certificate. The document will become an essential pre-issued document for anyone wishing to work anywhere in the UAE.

A news agency said that the coordination committee announced that the rule will be put into application on February 4th. The coordination committee includes a certain number of senior government officials.

Issuance of the UAE Certification of Good Conduct

It was said that the Certificate of Good Conduct has to be issued by the applicant’s home country. If not possible, the document can also be released by the applicant’s country of residence for the last five years. The announcement was made by the coordination committee.

An applicant must have the document certified by the UAE’s missions abroad, before beginning employment. The document’s certification can also be done at one of the country’s customer happiness centres upon arrival.

An important aspect is that dependents will not be required to obtain a Certificate of Good Conduct. Thus, if an individual’s family is coming to the UAE on the individual’s visa, they won’t be requested their own. At the end of the meeting, the committee noted that Cabinet Resolution No. 1/8 for 2017 dictates that the certificate is a key requirement for those coming to the UAE for the purpose of work.

On the 9th of January, an official source told the press: “The security screening of job candidates means that they will have to produce good conduct certificates from their home countries, or the country, or countries, of their residence for work, or study, for the past five years”.

Tourists in UAE not required new work visa document

The Certificate of Good Conduct won’t be necessary for tourists. The document won’t be needed by anyone coming in to the UAE on a visit visa. It was added that this condition is part of the process of updating and developing government policies. The aim is to achieve the highest security level for UAE residents, living in a secure, peaceful and happy community.

The committee explained the reason behind the decision. It said that the procedure is part of the efforts from the UAE government to create a more secure community. The procedure will also help continue maintaining the leading role in this area. It is based on its belief in the importance of protecting the community. Committee members said the decision will also contribute to making the UAE “one of the most peaceful in the world”.

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